Is that an asterisk or are you just happy to see me?

Over the past few months, I’ve been blogging about Newfoundland, its charms, quirkiness, and its overall wonderfulness… all in advance of my book “Arn? Narn.”* As followers of this blog already know, the upcoming book “Arn? Narn.”** (due out this fall) is a black & white photo-documentary of disappearing rural Newfoundland. And it, with a little bit of shameless self-promotion, I think is quite handsome. Thankfully, so does the publisher.

What is this all about?

So, here’s the deal. In this effort to help promote the book “Arn? Narn.”***, I’m seeking to get a significant amount of followers to the blog. Currently, I’m 11 away from my new target. Become that 11th follower and I’ll send you a free, signed copy of my upcoming book, “Arn? Narn.”****, of which this blog is all about. If you are responsible for someone else becoming #11, then both of you will receive the book, plus you will receive an original print from it as well. Upon reaching that magical number, I’ll announce the winner on this blog. That’s it. Nothing to buy. Just go fill in your e-mail address, (no coupons necessary, no one will contact you with unbelievable offers of real estate, time shares, aid for underprivileged children in Beverly Hills,  – we will leave you alone, unless of course you are #11), hit the follow button. That’s all there is to it to get a free copy of the upcoming book “Arn? Narn.”*****

* – You may be wondering what all the asterisks are for – just an official count of times “Arn? Narn.” was written. Ooops, that’s now ******! Gotta stop that!

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