Me and Homer….no, not Simpson!

Now that I’d returned to the mainland which is Newfoundland proper, I was to head to the southern coast of Newfoundland to catch another ferry to another island. Yeah, yeah, I know… (Courtesy Terry’s Bayside Getaway) But, I had a lot a traveling to do in front of me. First south, then west, then southeast, […]

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Canary in the global coal mine.

Currently indigenous to Newfoundland are moose, caribou, salmon, and some remaining cod. There are no naturally residing canaries on the island. However, in this case, the island itself was the canary. Why is Newfoundland important? In much the same way the canary in a coal mine is important. That bird is an early warning of […]

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“Arn? Narn.” Do you feel lucky?

This is a different post than usual. I’m seeking to get more followers to this blog. Currently, I’m only 21 away from my target number. An old Newfoundland flag. As followers of my blog already know, the upcoming book “Arn? Narn.” (due out this fall) is a black & white photo-documentary of disappearing rural Newfoundland. […]

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