Fame! I’m gonna live forever!

Or so goes the title song from the movie “Fame”. It is still several months away from the publication of my photography book “Arn? Narn.”. Yet, even this far out, interrupting of what I’m sure for my dear readers is a riveting accounting of my travails in the darkroom, I am cranking up the star-making machinery (thanks to Joni for that!) in advance for the book.

Considering how early this is, I am meeting with some local success in planning my public relations assault on an unsuspecting world. The largest locally owned bookstore will do a book signing event. (Helpful holiday gift buying tip – these make wonderful gifts. If you buy only one gift this year concerning Newfoundland, this is the one to get.) To prepare, I’ll be practicing writing pithy notes onto the front page of each book for the wise, talented, extremely gifted, and good-looking buyer.

Also this week, the local NPR station has agreed to do an interview with me concerning the book. Now I’ll have to practice sounding lucid and to watch my language. After all, there might be children listening. I’ll be expounding on Newfoundland and the subject of this book. (If you read only one book about Newfoundland this year, “Arn? Narn.” should be it.)

And all of this has happened before any of the major world news outlets have heard about it! Wait, is that a film crew outside my door? (If you see only one movie this year about Newfoundland,…) What? Reuters wants to talk with me? Huh?, “Top Gear” wants to do a special with me in Newfoundland? OK, yes, I got carried away a little.

This whole process is entirely new to me. While it took me a year to do my initial research on Newfoundland before venturing up there, I don’t have the luxury of time in learning to do self PR. This is a make-it-up-as-you-go-along course. Ahhh, yet another skill I’ll be able to add to my resume.

And now we return you to the originally scheduled blog “arnnarn.com”.

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