My own private Earth Day.

Sometimes when you’re not looking or listening, the universe sneaks up and smacks you up alongside the head with a cosmic two by four. And then the realization occurs that you could have had a V8. Well no, not really a drink, but something that had been right in front of you all this time and you hadn’t even realized it.

Looks pretty much the same as it did 42 years ago.

One of these has just happened to me. As I prepare for the publication of “Arn? Narn.”, the news is filled with this being the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day. That holds a special significance to me. As a ridiculously young man, my first assignment for the newspaper I had just started working for, was to cover the very first Earth Day. At that time, no one thought that it would amount to much – just a bunch of liberal, pot smoking hippies protesting about something, again.

Little did I know or realize until just a day or so ago, how that was to affect my work from then on. Directly, the photography book “Arn? Narn.” is a result of that first assignment. That first assignment is also responsible for the next book I’m currently working on. See a theme here?

Something else of significance is that what people were sitting up and taking notice of on that first Earth Day is, to a large degree, what “Arn? Narn.” reports on. Twenty-years ago when the story I cover in “Arn? Narn.” first occurs, it was largely over-looked outside of Newfoundland, Canada. It has become a global cautionary tale which only recently has begun to get worldwide visibility.

Little is more important that preserving our world so our children, their children and so on, will have a home. I am not taking a political stand here. That’s too easy a subject with too many moving parts for me to comprehend. At the end of the day, I am nothing more than a photo-journalist hopefully reporting and recording life’s events honestly; my personal agenda (if indeed I even have one) would not be worthy of publication.

Jim S., a reader of this blog reminded me of something I recently wrote: “Be open to all the possibilities travel will afford you.” For this entry, I amend that: “Be open to all the possibilities life will afford you.” You never know where they’ll take you, but it will be worth the journey. Thank you Mother Earth and Jim.

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