Musings on the road(s) taken and not taken.


Up until this point, the blog, has been a pretty straight path from beginning to where it is today. But, in reality like any other journey, it has not been a straight track. As such, this entry will be a little off the familiar and beaten path.

Like many others including David Byrne (above), this is not where I thought I would be. Had different roads been chosen, who knows what the outcome might have been. I think it’s fairly safe to say I would not have been photographing and writing about Newfoundland had I traveled one of those other roads. I think.

When I look back on the roads I did take and where they took me, I’m amazed how everything came together to bring me to this point. Leaving New Jersey for Vermont. Hmm. Not exactly a straight line to Newfoundland but definitely in the right geographic direction. However, Newfoundland was not anywhere in my conscious thought much less my sub-conscious mind. So that was just a move on my personal chess board to something at sometime which would eventually, hopefully pass for maturity.

Vermont (could’ve gone to Oregon while there, but that’s another story for a night over drinks. I’ll buy the first round.) to upstate New York. Big change in every way possible. New York to mid-Atlantic states (could’ve gone to California; well actually I did but didn’t like it much). Just weird. Then back to New England because of a major life passage – thank you Gail Sheehy!. Then to the South. So, roads taken and not taken.

But Newfoundland? Really? At that point, the only frame of reference I had was the book “The Shipping News” by Annie Proulx. Wonderful book, but igniting any interest? Nah. The movie of the same book put a face on it and I did like what I saw. But I’m a sucker for snow covered mountains, plains, anything. So, nope on that as well.

It was the major life change that opened the possibility of really doing something significant, at least for me. And that was to start something, take a leap of faith in one’s self, get off my butt, pick up the cameras, and shoot something! That was my beautiful wife in my beautiful home telling me to start something…etc.!

And I did. And it’s almost ready. Approximately four months from now, “Arn? Narn.” will be published and you’ll see why and what I got off my butt to do. But this, like everything else we do, is still on the road to where it’ll eventually wind up. Until then, I going to try and stay off my butt. Do the same.

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