The Fourth “R”

Earlier I wrote about the new 3 “Rs” – readin, ‘ritin’, and rewritin’. I was soon to learn of the fourth “R” – rejection.



Ah, yes – this is the type of stuff that’s been going on since high school. The big difference here is that in high school I might not have gone to the prom (I did), here it means: Sorry,your book isn’t right for us; or We don’t do that kind of book; There’s no market for it; accompanied by a good luck line. So, was I getting a corsage for my date or a book deal? Yes to the corsage, no to the book deal.

Now if you’re reading this blog, you know the ending – the book “Arn? Narn.” is being published and scheduled to come out in late September/early October of this year. But the path to get there was long, filled with disappointments, some good encouragement, and most of all a strengthening of my belief in the book. Being relentlessly persistent is also a good quality to have also.

There are many resource books available with agent and publisher listings. These are wonderful as they’ll help you at least to contact the right person. Online has been incredibly helpful as well for this kind of research. It helps you to know where to go. But that’s it. As I’ve written earlier, you’ll need a dynamite query letter and the knowledge aforethought that even with that, you will still be rejected.

One knows when their book queries are sent out it will take time before anything happens. But, they’re sent with much hope. My hopes were raised early on and quickly when a literary agent saw the query and was very interested in the book. I knew it! I knew it was good and meaningful! And I could tell they did too. But interest waned and the serious rejections began. Suffice to say, I sent out many queries. There was more interest but they all seemed to follow the same pattern of growing disinterest after a period of time. Oh, well, keep on trying.

Rejection is not really a big deal if one doesn’t begin to take it seriously. It is not personal. Still, knowing that doesn’t really soften the blow after multiple rejections. It’s sort of like being a recurring Bachelor on The Bachelorette TV show only to be rejected weekly except it doesn’t happen to you on national TV.

For any aspiring authors, keep the faith, believe in your work, be persistent without acting like a stalker, and finally keep working at it. You’ll be glad you did.

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