I’m late, I’m late (as are all of us), for a very important date.

As Arn? Narn. gets closer to its publication date, things are starting to speed up. So much so that it sometime feels like I’m Alice falling through the Looking Glass. There is a laundry list of things to do that keeps getting longer despite completing those very things on it. Wait, I think I just saw a rabbit clamber down a hole! It’s getting that crazy, but in a good way.


Nothing has prepared me for the work that needs to be done prior to publication. Being a photographer has provided me with great exposure (no pun intended) to the advertising arena as well as working in it. That part’s a snap. PR on the other hand…well, it IS on the other hand. And these two hands don’t necessarily work in concert as anyone who has heard me attempt to play the piano will attest.

No, PR is not something with which I’ve had a lot of experience. Lest you think it’s no more than some flack spinning an improbable story about Lindsay Lohan, it’s way more than that. PR is responsible for all those guests on the talk show circuit hawking their latest CD/book/movie/show to us. And now I’m about to throw in with them.

Oh, boy. (wrhrscholars.org)

There will be no stories of me canoodling with the latest starlet of the moment (at least I don’t think so.) Nor will there be paparazzi following my every move. What hopefully will happen is an increased awareness of Arn? Narn. and the story it tells. This is an instance where commerce meets reality and sometimes, unfortunately, that’s the only way a story gets to be told. And while this is certainly not my story, I am the one telling it. Arn? Narn. is, besides a photo-documentary book, a cautionary tale that has global implications beyond its subject, Newfoundland. What has happened in Newfoundland will be occurring with increasing frequency all over the planet.

To date, I’ve lined up a couple of radio interviews, a book-signing, and will be a featured author at the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville in early October. Hopefully that is just the start.

But as the headline of this post states, “I’m late…” It’s a play on words. I’m late to this and getting later as the publication date is coming up rapidly is one meaning. The other is: it’s later than we think about our planet as well. There is still time to do something positive and long-lasting. Politics be damned, we just have to do it.

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