Dammit Jim, I’m a photographer, not a film maker!

The days of placing some ads in newspapers to herald the arrival of your book are mostly in the past. Of course that would be part of your marketing campaign today, but only a small part. The internet has changed all that. This blog is proof of that. This should be the very first thing you do in marketing your book. And start early to help build buzz.

But other blogs are also targets for a marketing plan. If you can get them talking about your book, then you’re widening your audience immeasurably and that’s a very good thing.

G-Rated. (spinstheworld.com)

A relatively new wrinkle is the video book trailer. Essentially, this is like the coming attractions part of going to the movies. But without the popcorn and sticky floors. But these are not just born out of thin air. A shooting script has to be written, graphics have to be developed, content must be chosen, voice-over talent and music needs to be selected, and the whole thing should be thematically related to the actual book. Oh, and get a YouTube account for this will be the first place it goes up on. While there are some wonderful programs out there where you can put together a trailer on your own, using a studio will give you a much better end-product. This is the direction I took.

So while yes, I am a photographer, I know next to nothing about video production. It’s sort of like Dr. Coy on the old Star Trek Show. “Dammit Jim, I’m a photographer…” I’m not a film-maker. I did know that I needed a script, graphics, theme, and voice talent. Happily, I also knew some first rate studio people and that was a great help. So into the studio to create my mini-version of a Jerry Bruckheimer film – not really, there were no explosions and no Shia LeBoeuf either. But it was a revelation.

Dammit, Jim…(empireonline.com)

Not surprisingly, there is a profound difference between motion and still photography in emotional content. Marry the two and it’s a whole other ballgame. Ken Burns displayed that tremendously in his ground-breaking The Civil War documentary. And that’s what we did with Arn? Narn. With voice-over, editing, music, graphics et al, Arn? Narn. shows another side of itself entirely, not ground-breaking, but very well done if I do say so myself. If you’re interested, it’s now up on YouTube. Just type in my name in the search bar, Bruce Meisterman, and then click on the Arn? Narn. image on the left. Hope you enjoy it.

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