Are you sure Shakespeare started this way?

Back in the old Bard’s day, getting published was probably not the issue it is today. He probably didn’t even have the competition that new authors do today as well. And it certainly didn’t hurt that he was pretty good with words.

The Bard himself (

Old Will may have sent out book queries and copies of his manuscript before he struck paydirt. OK, me too. He probably had to do any number of edits and changes before the book was ready for the finality of the printers ink. Me too. He wrote plays and sonnets. Me, not really, just Arn? Narn.

But I would be willing to bet, I could be wrong here, that he did not have to make a media kit and a video book trailer. Of course not, they didn’t even have electricity in his day. Hell, they didn’t have anything that remotely resembled media unless you count the Town Crier and who knows if he was fair and balanced too.

Getting a book published today is a multi-level affair. Getting a publisher interested in your book is the first albeit most important part of the process. but it doesn’t end there. Unless you’re John Grisham, it’s not likely a publisher will put a lot behind marketing your book, especially if you’re a first time author. All of that good stuff falls to you.

Where to start? Even if you’re going to use a PR agency, it helps to build a media hit list. If your book is of a specialized nature, the agency will appreciate this identification. Who are the media people you want to reach? Once you reach them, then what? With all the competition out there for people’s attention, you’ve got to tell a compelling story. And while your book may be the Great American Novel, no one is expecting it. It’s up to you (or me in this case) to beat this drum and as many others you can get your drumsticks on.

So even at this point, I’ve not yet decided which direction to go in – agency or not – there is still work I have to and can do. This is getting more and more interesting and exciting and I can’t wait to see where it’s going to go. Stay tuned.

Be sure to check out the video book trailer for Arn? Narn. on YouTube. Just type in the book title in the search bar.

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