And now with more brighteners!

Every day, every thing we do as humans is a transaction of some kind. Oftentimes, it involves convincing another to come around to your way of thinking; or to do something they might not have considered previously; or buy something you’re selling. Yes, that’s right, we are all involved in sales in one fashion or another. Sort of like dating but without the good night kiss.

The car salesman has a deal for you you won’t believe. Oh, yeah, right. Politicians: vote for me and all your problems will go away. Clergy: listen to me and your problems won’t be so bad. On and on. Everyone wants to sell you something. Everything is a product. And everything is for sale.

Mm-hmmm. (

And now, I am too. I’ve got to look at my book and me by extension as a product that needs to come to market. Will I be able to make your problems go away? Unlikely. Will I be able to make your problems less difficult? Highly unlikely. Can I make your teeth brighter? No. But can I tell you about a problem that’s likely to affect the world in which we live? Yes. But I’m going to have to first convince those people who will loan me their soapbox to do so.

All of this is a way of saying I’m getting a first-hand education on the wonderful world of PR. Superficially, PR is very similar to advertising yet very different. However, with PR, it’s up to someone else as to whether or not they find your story compelling enough to give it time and/or space. So it better be good.

Consequently, I now see myself and Arn? Narn. as product. How do I want to be packaged? How do I need to marketed? Now with More Brighteners! From the people I’ve spoken to, it seems like I’ll have to position myself as an expert on this subject. What that means is I’ll have to bring myself up-to-date on what’s going on in Newfoundland (done), do more research on related issues and their implications (yet to do), and learn how to be an effective media presence (easier said than done).

The easiest way to do this is to engage a PR agent. Again, easier said than done. Each one of them has a field of expertise that serves them and their clients well. The task here, if I choose to go that route, is to find one who understands the book industry. This alone will make the job that much easier with much less wasted time and effort. As the publication date is a mere 6 weeks away, this decision has to be determined in a day or two.

Finding the right agent is like blind dating. You meet with them, see if there is any chemistry or connection, and possibly go from there. If it’s not right, then at least you had a cup of coffee. And once you make that decision, it’s probably not a good thing to change horses in mid-stream if you find yourself mismatched. So, you need to be judicious with your choice. After all, you will no longer be a private citizen… you’ll now be soap and with more brighteners!

Not a self-portrait. (

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