DIY PR (or Don Draper, eat your heart out!).

Since I have yet to decide on using a PR agency, I am creating much of the collateral material myself that I’ll need to market Arn? Narn. The video is done and up on YouTube. It will be included and/or linked to any correspondence sent out regarding the book. But it can’t stop there. A press kit must be prepared.

Sort of like this. (

In one sense, a press kit is like a resume. And embellishments do count. Tell the truth of course, but make it all shiny and new. Use color! Use images! Use anything that will attract positive attention and impress the reader. Hmmm, wonder what it would cost to get on the TODAY show?

So now the press kit is getting my efforts. At this point, it will include what is known as a one-sheet. This will be the piece that explains briefly what the book is about, who is the author (me!), when it will be published and by whom, artwork and an image. Having worked with many advertising agencies in the past and being a poor (as in quality) art major in college (why else did I get into photography?), I did have some knowledge on how to do this. I also had a computer program to help. But ultimately, I turned the one-sheet over to a real designer. Good move.

The kit will also include a professional resume of my exhibitions, publications, books, and collection in which my work resides. This Curriculum Vitae (CV) helps to establish my street cred.

Another piece will be the “About…” page. Short of sharing what I had for breakfast (a smoothie), this will tell the reader more details about me and the book. It’s sort of like a press release that will at the very least provide background material.

A CD with a couple of pictures from the book will also be included. All of these come together to help the media entity, should they in their infinite wisdom, decide to create an article about your book and you. All pieces have the contact information on them as well. Design-wise, they are all linked together with the same colors and a logo. The Arn ? Narn. logo, interlocking lower-case “a” and “n” is pictured here. (Look for it wherever discerning people shop!)

The Arn? Narn. logo              (courtesy of Gosslee)

This will all be in a folder with the logo on it ready to be sent out to as many outlets as we can find. Will I become the next Don Draper? Not likely. (And my wife is happy about that!) Will it be as identifiable as that of Coca-Cola? Only time will tell. Hopefully though it will be more successful than New Coke.

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