Matt, Jon, George…can you hear me? Are you out there?

Fame has never really been one of those things for which I’ve lusted. I will admit I do like my work being noticed, reviewed positively, and even purchased for inclusion in art collections. But fame of the Lindsay Lohan variety, ehhh, not so much.

That said, I do want my book Arn? Narn. to be successful. That success won’t be measured so much as in the number of sales, OK, maybe part of it will, but in bringing to light the subject of the book and its larger implications is most important.

Newfoundland is a remarkable place with remarkable people. It also has a remarkable if sad story. And it should be told widely. So, I’ve set about to seeing if I can get some interest for it. I’m on my own as I’ve decided to do most of the PR myself. This’ll be fun, right?

Locally, I’m in good shape with that. It’s on a larger stage that I’m attempting to get the book an audience. I’m talking to you, Matt Lauer! The Today Show has four hours per morning to fill. Surely you can find a spot for Arn? Narn. Matt, over here!

Hey, George Stephanopoulos – this one should be right up your alley. Call me. Good looking guy, am I right?

Jon Stewart – I’m waiting!

This will be the “get” of the year for you!

CBS Sunday Morning – When should I come over for the interview? Psst, Mr. Osgood!

In all seriousness, getting a spot on one of these shows is very difficult. They are being bombarded with pitches constantly and they want to put on the best show possible. Cutting through that and getting some awareness is not an easy task to accomplish.

Press kits have been sent with the expectation that they may just be tossed into a circular file without ever having seen the light of day. More’s the pity. Certainly a number of very good ideas for programming have been lost that way, but understandably, the staffs of these shows only have so many hours in a day and can’t look at every proposal.

In the interest of these over-worked staffs, I’m going to make it easy. This is the one on which you won’t want to pass up. There. A bunch of hard work has been eliminated and you have an interesting story for your show. It’s almost like winning the lottery but without having to pay taxes.

How of course will you know mine is the one you desperately need? Simple – check out the Arn? Narn. press kit with the cool photo CD in it, and for added excitement, visit the video book trailer on YouTube. It’s that easy.

Call or write now because my calendar is filling up. I would hate to have say, “Sorry, Matt, but George over at GMA beat you to the punch.”

Oh, and if any of my readers know any of these, give ’em a call and put in a good word. Thanks.

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