Gentlemen (women too, of course) start your engines…

For very many years, the Indianapolis 500 race has been started with the famous words, “Gentlemen, start your engines.” In recent years, that has come to include female drivers as well.

So, I now say to all my loyal readers (male and female) out in blog land…Gentlepeople, start your engines! The race is on. To the top of the best sellers list? Hardly likely, but one can dream, right? To the book stores? Hopefully. And this is why.

This week, the first copies of Arn? Narn. are to be delivered from the printer! I am really having a hard time believing it. This has been such a long journey; one filled with expected setbacks and unexpected delights. It has been one of a much longer gestation then I ever anticipated. And it has been a hell of an education. More on this later.

The final proof is all I could have hoped for. After some difficult decisions on paper and printers, we bit the bullet and forged ahead. We made the right decision. The book is heavier than I would have thought. Heavy in that it has some significant heft. We already knew the topic itself was heavy, so the weight of the book itself adds to that. Very cool synchronicity going on here.

The image reproduction is quite good. That doesn’t happen without a good and watchful printer and the right paper. While I have purchased printing for my photography many times over the years, I’m always amazed at the amount of different papers available. Each year brings new papers (even today!) that seem to get better and better. The same is true of printing processes.

So, the book will be here this week, just days before the stated publication date of October 1, 2012. We’ll start marketing it live everywhere we can. There will be a link to it on the website in just a week or so. It’ll also be available on Pinterest. I’ll publish that link here as well (of course!).

This week, the serious PR starts with a radio appearance, a live on-line interview, and more behind-the-scenes machinations to get more exposure. Stay tuned for more updates. This blog too will be in a different mode. Over the past year, I’ve been able to “bank” my posts – sometimes having as many as three weeks entries written in advance. That was easy to do as I was recounting my experiences in creating Arn? Narn. I am now all caught up and just in time too! It will now be written in real time. I will try to keep to my twice a week frequency as well.

Just a few paragraphs ago, I mentioned my education. A year ago, just after I signed the book contract, I embarked on a new educational curve: one that would teach me a bit about PR, publishing, new printing processes, and self-restraint. That last one really is a life-long pursuit. The others are new and ever-growing. Now, on the eve of exposing myself (sounds just a little dubious, right?) to the media, another new learning curve is about to start. It doesn’t seem like this is about to end very soon. So, onwards.

And now, let me introduce to you, the first (but unbound) copy of Arn? Narn. (Taken with an iPhone.)

If you have a coffee table, it needs to have this book adorning it. If your friends have coffee tables, wouldn’t it be a good idea to help them out too? Just saying. The holiday shopping season begins…now.

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