And what calendar are you on sir?

For years, I’ve unknowingly been using the Julian calendar to plan my days, appointments, and whatnot to bring some order to my life. Until now, it’s never failed me. It’s orderly – seven days, always following the same sequence, starting on Sunday- ending on Saturday, only to do it all over again, fifty-two times each year. But at this point, I’m beginning to think it might be failing or at the very least conspiring against me.

Wonder if this one works any better.

You see, this week was supposed to be a big one. Arn? Narn. was supposed to be back from the printer. It isn’t. I was scheduled to do a live online webinar promoting the book. For what ever reason, I could not get in. My headset would not cooperate. It did on the test last week, but not this time. Interestingly enough, after we cancelled and rescheduled the webinar, I tested it again. Of course, it worked. And this week isn’t over yet. I must be working on the wrong calendar. What was supposed to happen on a given day, didn’t. My calendar must be broken.

I suppose I could try and use the Hebrew calendar, but then I’d have to reschedule everything and reapply for a new copyright date. That won’t work.

There are of course other options. The Aztec calendar comes to mind, but there are two versions of that one. Which one to choose? If I choose the 365 day version, I’d have to do a lot of rituals. Outside of the darkroom, I’m not big on that. There is the sacred calendar, only 260 days (maybe I’ve been on that one all along and things finally caught up with me) but then I’d have to learn all the different gods. That’s not going to work either.

There are also Egyptian, Egyptian Solar, Chinese, Roman, Greek – you name it, there’s one for every occasion except it seems for me this week. That is the only explanation I can arrive at to explain why nothing has been on time. Even my express packages aren’t arriving on the promised dates.

Time is running short. Publication date is only 4 days away and I’m getting antsy. I want that book in my hand now. Yes, of course I waited nine years to get to this point, hey wait, maybe I’ve been on the wrong calendar all along. That would explain so much.

Not the most portable but if it works…

But for now, I’ll just have to be patient and wait a little bit longer. Or I could switch calendars and blame it on the gods.

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