Last week, I wrote about going digital with an online webinar. Yet I honestly had no idea of the speed in which things can occur on the net. Yes, I knew all about things going viral virtually overnight, but when it starts to happen to you, it’s a whole new ball game. This is how it feels.

Arn? Narn., my photo-documentary book on disappearing rural Newfoundland, has not gone viral. Nor do I expect it to. I also did not expect to see it mentioned online so quickly. After all, it was only released one week ago.

Because of the book’s release, and having a surplus of time on my hands like so many others before me, I Googled my name. No surprise that I found the usual links to it. What I did find surprised the hell out of me.

I learned that Barnes and Noble has it! So I salute Mr. Barnes and Ms. Noble, or is it the other way around?, on their impeccable good taste. The mighty Amazon has it as well! These were the first things I discovered. So, as I wrote in an earlier post, if you buy only one photography book about disappearing rural Newfoundland this year, please make sure it’s this one.

The next discovery really blew me away. Arn? Narn. has already been reviewed a few times. And they were more than positive. It’s like your child made the Honor Roll and you didn’t even know they were doing their homework! What makes this even more impressive (to me at least) is that the PR campaign has not yet even started! To quote the movie The Princess Bride, Inconceivable!

When all of that is coupled with the response from my radio interview a week earlier, inconceivable certainly applies. Amazing.

So, is this beginning of a new media darling? Hardly. It does point out that the old ways of marketing a book, or anything else for that matter, have changed. This too is not big news. Unless it’s happening to you. So, it’ll be interesting to see where this part of the journey goes. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Inconceivable!

  1. I immediately recognized the reference to “Princess Bride”. I’m happy to hear of your book’s success! It’s on my reading list. Keep up the great work.

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