The envelope please…

Not ever having worked in films or in Hollywood (I’ve been there once though), I’m not familiar firsthand on either winning awards (I haven’t) or getting reviews (I have). So, I have no statuette to put on my mantle or pawn when I run up against it financially. That’s a lifestyle that is too foreign to me and I hope it remains that way. But, I now have some reviews of my photo-documentary book on disappearing rural Newfoundland, Arn? Narn.

Arctic pack ice will lock-in coves for weeks from Arn? Narn.

As I’ve written before, like any other creative endeavor, when you turn it over to someone else, their creativity and interpretation will affect it, hopefully for the best. But one never knows until it’s sometimes too late. As I’ve also written previously, my publisher did a wonderful job showing respect and understanding for the work in producing the layout. No problem with that at all.

However, once it’s out there, all bets are off. What I saw when photographing and writing it, what the publisher saw when they decided to get behind it, may not be the same things readers and reviewers see. It’s like going to Vegas but without the neon lights. It’s a gamble.

So, in the past week, Arn? Narn. has been reviewed a number of times. When I hear of a review or if it is sent to me, I hold my breath as long as I can before passing out and then before reading it. After all, this is me, my work, my exposed soul for all to see.

The sound, if you were sitting next to me, would be one or two or three long exhalations followed by whoops of joy, some fist pumps, and a few tears though that last one can happen on either occasion. Obviously from what I’ve just written, the reviews were positive. Really positive.

When one is so close to something for so long, any objectivity is long gone. Hell, any sense of its worth has been obscured by the trials and tribulations that occurred in bringing it to life. So, when an uninvolved, unbiased person gives it a great review, there is a period of disbelief that happens. But then you realize, there is nothing in it for them to do so and the reality starts to sink in that, indeed you have created something meaningful. Wow.

Of course, not all reviews will be this good. They can’t be. And I probably won’t like them either. But for now, it’s off to a great start.

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