Hemingway, Grisham, Shakespeare, and me.

Just about thirteen months ago, I began writing this blog about my then upcoming book about disappearing rural Newfoundland entitled Arn? Narn. Two weeks ago, Arn? Narn. was published. It has been an eventful year and it continues even as I write this.

Last night I returned from the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville where I had been a featured author for my photography book, Arn? Narn. The festival features over 200 authors from around the region and the nation including Pulitzer Prize winners. Pretty heavy duty company. As a first time author, this was an incredible honor and recognition for the book. So, take that Ernest, Will, and John!

This means it’s official and really happened – look under 1:00 PM.

Throughout the three day event, I was able to listen and talk with any and all of the authors I wanted to. And without exception, they were all very welcoming, open and received my book warmly. Incredible.

The highlight for me though was my presentation with fellow photographer Chip Cooper. Chip is a highly accomplished photographer, former head of the photography department and now artist in residence at the University of Alabama. I was in very good company. Not so sure Chip can say the same though.

Chip and some other photographer. (Photo courtesy of Carla Meisterman.)

We did a well-attended hour session presenting our books and then a Q&A afterwards. It was a great experience sharing the stage with another photographer discussing our passion and finding out our approaches were quite similar.

Following that was a book signing session in which we got to visit personally with those who had attended our presentation. This was just an amazing event and one I wish I could do every year. The only problem: how would I be able to produce a book that frequently?

My thanks to Humanities Tennessee for hosting such a wonderful event and helping me to introduce my book to a wider audience. It just keeps getting better.

Next week is my first local book signing, a private book signing party, both of which should be fun. Everyone’s invited.

Next up now though is the launch of my virtual book tour online, starting today!  More on this as it gets rolling. Oh, yes b’y!

One thought on “Hemingway, Grisham, Shakespeare, and me.

  1. Hey Bruce,
    I got your book yesterday. Thank you for that! My husband is giving it a read right now, and I will be perusing it tomorrow. I will then give you my “review”. lol. It looks great though; I’m sure I’ll love it. 🙂
    All the best, Jennifer

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