Has anyone here ever heard of this new thing called the internet?

Shhhh. Put the dog out, the children to bed, lock the doors – I want to talk with you about something really scary. OK? Everyone settled in? Good. Talk quietly ’cause I don’t want this to get out – it could change everything.

There’s this thing called the internet. Some say Al Gore invented it, but I doubt it. Whatever you may think of him, he’s no evil genius because that’s who designed this thing. It’s everywhere! It’s on your computer, your phone, your iPad, your TV even. I think the world actually lives within the internet. When did this all happen?

The father of the internet?

OK, that’s a bit over the top, right? But the ubiquity of it is amazing and the speed in which things get up and around is truly astonishing. Now we all know this of course, but when it applies to you or something you’ve done or involved with, it can be a little breathtaking.

This morning I checked my e-mail as I usually do before heading out and found a Google alert for my book, Arn? Narn. That’s a good thing. I’ve had alerts before and they were usually not of the surprising kind. This one was.

It was another review. But this one was on Amazon. And happily like the others already received, it was a very positive one. That’s four for four! It’s making me think that even with my manifold doubts and frustrations, I might have really known what I was doing all along with this book. Go figure that one out.

So my meteoric rise to fame had begun. Before long, I’ll probably start issuing impossible demands of those around me. Only red M&M’s, puh-leeze! No, that is not the best table in the house! Waiter, this wine is… yeah, yeah, yeah.

They ARE rather tasty.

Well, yeah, right. Just wait until a lesser review comes in. It’ll be back to drinking Yellow Tail and shopping at Target! Fame is such a fickle thing.

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