My new balancing act or “Up on the tightrope…” with regards to Leon Russell.

OK. After a long gestation period and an intense pre-publication year, Arn? Narn. has been published. I’m now in the hawking-my-book period, doing as much PR as possible to generate interest and of course sales. Yet, like so many other writers/artists/musicians, I do have a real job as well.

So of course I need to find time to do it all. There are always family responsibilities to attend to, other interests, work, music lessons (wait for my new upcoming CD… just joking!), and it’s a pretty full and good life.

But wait! Did I hear someone say “Are you going to do another book?” Could it be? Yes, I am! “When do you have the time?” All good questions. When DO I have the time? That said, I’ll find it. It is like walking a tightrope, you’ve got to keep your balance lest you fall off.

The truth of the matter is I am now in the early stages of the next book. I gotta tell you, it’s like crack or at least what I think crack is like. It is hard yet enjoyable work and extremely addictive: the research, the planning, implementation, and then the start – filled with hopeful anticipation with no blind alleys, yet, not knowing where it’s going to lead. It’s sort of like a blind date, but one-sided. Not your cup of tea? Walk away and no one’s hurt. On to the next one. In dealing with people, that’s callous. Starting a new book – not so much. There have been a few new book ideas since Arn? Narn. was completed, but like so-so dates, they’ve not been called again. (Sorry, you really are nice, but, no, I will not call you again!)

I have settled on a new idea and it is entirely different from Arn? Narn. The only similarity is that it too will be a photo-documentary book. More on it as I get deeper into it. It could result in another blog solely devoted to it. We’ll see.

So getting back to the question: “When do you have the time?” As I said a couple of paragraphs back, I’ll find it. Finding one’s voice can take a long time. Once you have found it, you want to keep using it. I think that analogy is an apt one. A singer must use their voice continuously to keep it supple and in shape. And I don’t want to lose mine now after waiting so long to discover it.

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