Thank you sir. Please, may I have some more?

It’s a fairly quiet time right now. Arn? Narn. has been out for about a month now and the initial media push is calming down. There’s a radio interview tomorrow and an exhibition/book signing next month. After that, who knows?

But the reviews continue to come in and I thought I’d share some with all of you. Nothing like a bit of shameless, self-indulgent, self-promotion right?

From Hubert O’Hearn in Canada -“Well doesn’t it just figure that the most beautiful, eloquent depiction of the plight of Canada’s province of Newfoundland was photographed and written by a guy from Tennessee?” and “… is a magnificent photographer and given his other career as a cinematographer he has a sense of how to compile images into a silent narrative.” Thank you very, very much, Hubert.

From the fishingbookreviews online: “This is Bruce Meisterman’s first book and gee whiz, I sure as hell will be interested to see what he is capable of when he gets warmed up. I have seldom been so impressed with an author’s choice of subject or his presentation of it, and if a read of this astonishing book doesn’t leave unsettling questions haunting the corners of your mind, then you lack imagination.” They also made this their Book of the Month! Damn! Thank you too!

I could list more, but these are among my favorites and with obvious reason. You know that your family and friends will be, at the very least, kind in their judgements so as not to hurt the delicate ego we artists possess. But when people who have nothing to gain are so complimentary, you can’t help but take some pride in your accomplishment and take note of their incredible insight and impeccable good taste. It’s a great feeling and one you don’t want to end. Wow!

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