Slowly, slowly… then BAM! It starts all over again.

As the holidays approach, the opportunity to create new PR events is slowing down considerably. Consequently, I’m seeking new directions in which to sustain some buzz. If you’ve been following this blog for anytime, you know what I’ve been up to. The most recent is a new campaign to get some exposure for Arn? Narn. on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. This post will not be about that, but future posts will be as I step up the pressure. Stay tuned for that as it should be amusing to say the least. And I will be calling on all readers to help me in this endeavor. More on that to come.

So as it slows down, I’m now blessed with some time to start the new book. I can happily and officially say it has begun! It too will be a photo-documentary, but much different from Arn? Narn. Without divulging too much, it will be about cultural differences that are becoming more and more obvious in this country. It will be done entirely in the US for that is where this difference is most significant.

It too will have a blog with one major difference: I will be writing the blog as I write and photograph the actual book. As I get closer to the start of actual photography, I’ll post here the name of the new blog and invite all to join me on this new adventure. One of the nice things about doing it this way is I’ll be able to have your feedback on the book as it progresses. In one sense, this will be your book too.

In the meantime, I will be advancing my crusade concerning Jon Stewart and enlisting your help along the way. What’s in it for me, you’re thinking. If, no, make that when the book (meaning me) gets on the show, all of you will get a shout-out. Not a bad reward and a shot at fame for a small effort, right? Details will follow.

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