So it begins…

If this were the 1940’s or some such bygone era, the newsreels would be filled with footage of countries arming themselves to the teeth in expectation of battle. Black and white images of soldiers marching off to confrontations yet unplanned, kissing their loved ones goodbye, and smiling innocently.

This is nothing like that. This will be guerrilla warfare as practiced by the Viet Cong. This will be hit and run. Graffiti artists leaving their tags for all to know they were here. Oh, yes. This will be a war with no end soon in sight.

Dramatic? To quote a former failed VP candidate: You betcha. Warranted? Perhaps only in my fevered dreams. But like in any other Southeast Asian war, I will pursue this doggedly. (Yes, that was A Princess Bride reference). So, please excuse the purple prose, but I’m just getting started. And I’m going to need all the help I can get. The line forms on the right for new enlistees. Come to think of it, I’ll skip the call for volunteers and just commence with conscription right now. If you’re reading this, consider yourself drafted. The wages are poor, the dangers are really not very great, but oh, the reward!

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers (oops! – Shakespeare wandered in here!). we will be going up against a giant, a media giant: the great and powerful awesome Comedy Central and its minions, led by Jon Stewart.

OK. Wait a minute. This is starting to sound like some drug-induced dream. I apologize. I’m just getting stoked for trying to get Arn? Narn. on The Daily Show. In the next posting, I’ll be laying out the game plan to do this. Look, the story that Arn? Narn. tells is an important one and I think The Daily Show is one of the best outlets for it. But, I’ll need your help. Who’s with me?

Stewart, don’t say you weren’t warned!

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