It was about ten years ago I conceived of the project that became my book Arn? Narn. Little did I know then of what I was embarking upon.

It was nine years ago I made my first and ultimately life-changing trip to Newfoundland to start photography on the book. Eight years ago was the second trip and six years ago was my third. Unhappily, I’ve not been back since.


Two years ago I received notice that a publisher was going to pick up the book.

I started this blog about twenty-one months ago. During that time, I was able to include you in my adventures, stories, observations, recipes(!), trials and tribulations bringing it to market, marketing the book, the PR hopes, public appearances, and generally just a random scream of consciousness.

It has been about three months since my last blog posting. Way too long a time in the blogosphere to go without a mention. Previously, I was happily posting twice a week. I wanted to share as much as I could with you about Newfoundland, its people, and almost anything I could think relating to it.

But, I find myself now in the same place I was ten years ago, starting a new project which I hope and pray will be every bit as rewarding as Arn? Narn. has been. I’ve started work on a new photo-documentary that will be based in the US. I can’t share much more than that at this time, but I will let all of you know through this blog, in the not-to-distant future, what it is all about. If you’re interested please stay subscribed. I will be starting a new blog for that book in real time as it progresses.

It is my goal to continue to post, albeit it intermittently, on this blog about anything new I learn about Newfoundland. One might ask the question “Why? We’re now aware. We know this already!” Because as I’ve described in the past, Newfoundland was a warning sign of which too few of us took notice. It will remain important and relevant to us all for what happened there and what it portends for the rest of the planet.

On a personal note, Newfoundland changed me, hopefully for the better. I will never forget the people and the friends I have there; the land and the sea; the music; and just the simple knowledge that the human spirit is nothing if not indomitable. Their flag represents so much of that.


So until then, “Dat’s it b’y!”

5 thoughts on “So…

  1. Hi, Bruce:

    I so enjoyed following your journey. What wonderful memories you evoked for me! Hope to visit Newfoundland in August. I’m a rug hooker and attend the Rug Hooking Guild of NL’s Rug Hooking Camp near Grand Falls-Windsor. I’ve missed the rug camp trip the past two summers so am so ready to return. During my absence you kept me calm with your writings and photos.

    Betty June in Virginia

    1. Hi Betty,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Newfoundland is indeed a very special place and I hope your next trip is every bit as wonderful as those in the past. I’ll be staring a new blog shortly and hope you find it as interesting.

      Be well.


  2. Loved being part of the journey. Best of luck on the next venture/adventure. I know it will be an amazing project and i look forward to a new blog on a new topic.

  3. Hi Bruce, I’d been wondering what you’ve been up to. As you may or may not know, all is not lost here in Newfoundland, as we now have a thriving oil industry and our other industries such as tourism and mining aren’t doing too badly either. As for the cod, there is still hope for a rebound, but time will tell on that.
    If you get lonesome for our fair province, I invite you to drop in on my blog. My last post showcased some pretty spectacular scenery shots that would surely do your heart good.
    All the best in your endeavors,
    Jennifer x

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