About Bruce Meisterman

Writing about one’s self is about as energizing as creating the dread “Artist’s Statement.” Do I write something as mundane as a resume or an obtuse tome on why the reciprocity of light is seldom acknowledged and how it affected Tolstoy and his garden? Yeah, right that kind of stuff. Not likely.

Too often when someone questions me as to what I do, I respond by saying a “fine-art photographer.” I hope the art part is really applicable. Paul Klee once stated that “the responsibility of the artist is not to render visible, but to make visible.” That is my intent whenever I photograph.

The images in “Arn? Narn.” reflect my experience in Newfoundland. Intellectually, it is easy to talk about vanishing cultures. It is more difficult to show what they were and are now and what they are now becoming. It is serious work and I hope some things have been made visible with this book.

With this blog, I intend to share my experiences, thoughts, and observations while creating “Arn? Narn.” It will talk about how the original idea evolved into something much greater and (I think), interesting. I hope you agree. If you do, great. If you don’t that’s great too. Either way, please let me know your thoughts. I welcome the dialogue.

4 thoughts on “About Bruce Meisterman

  1. The collapse of fisheries is but one symptom of over consumption of resources to the point of decimation. Fossil fuels, ore, minerals, and fresh water and air are all being threatened. I have written letters to many “conservation” groups (industries?) that I will never send them a dime until they make overpopulation their most important issue. No one wishes to appear to be misanthropic – it would be bad for business.

    Without serious population control the future will be bleak.

  2. I find the blog writing to be a great compliment to the photography! The photographs are still and serene, and you really feel out isolated Newfoundland can be. However, reading about your journies in Newfoundland makes for a very warm and humorous “mental” picture. Your blog brings a lot of color to the beautiful black and white photography!

    Great stuff Bruce, I really enjoy reading!

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