And what calendar are you on sir?

For years, I’ve unknowingly been using the Julian calendar to plan my days, appointments, and whatnot to bring some order to my life. Until now, it’s never failed me. It’s orderly – seven days, always following the same sequence, starting on Sunday- ending on Saturday, only to do it all over again, fifty-two times each […]

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I suck at math.

Frustrations taken out on an innocent calculator. Do not try this at home! Math was never a strong suit of mine. Hell, why should it be? I’m right-brained and proud of it! Let someone else with a pocket protector do that work – Hey, I’m busy creating here! And truthfully and thankfully, there are people […]

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A thundering herd of…one?

As I would have done it. (chinamike) My one-man invasion of Ramea is complete. I had taken the island by storm (yeah, right!) and it is mine…on film at least. There were no hostages taken except my heart to these wonderful people. As I did do it. Sort of, but with a smile. I’ve learned […]

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Fame! I’m gonna live forever!

Or so goes the title song from the movie “Fame”. It is still several months away from the publication of my photography book “Arn? Narn.”. Yet, even this far out, interrupting of what I’m sure for my dear readers is a riveting accounting of my travails in the darkroom, I am cranking up the star-making […]

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