New Book Coming!

Greetings! It has been a long time since I last posted. My first book, Arn? Narn. had just come out and there was much cause for celebration. In the ensuing time, I have been quite busy working on a new book. This one is quite a departure from Arn? Narn. in that it is a […]

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Yes, you in the third row…

So what happens next? Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe even better. Now that the initial push is over, I have to find a way to continue the PR effort. I am open to all suggestions. If as a loyal reader, you have any ideas, send ’em over, I’m game. If I use […]

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Running off at the mouth.

Yesterday I entered the digital age. Now that is not to say I don’t shoot my photography digitally or I don’t know how to surf the internet. I do on both accounts and I think fairly well. To date, my encounters with media for the Arn? Narn. PR push, have been of the more traditional […]

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Andy Warhol was wrong.

Andy x4. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Andy Warhol‘s galaxy to be specific, he stated that “…in the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.” By and large, he has been right. He could have amended that to add “in their own galaxy.” All one has to do is […]

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Purple prose…and doubts.

That wind, a storm almost, came out of the north blowing away all my preconceived notions of isolation and leaving in its trail a yawning, gaping hole of wistfulness, what might have been had I been born there and at another time. But still, I did get to see it, be there, and experience a […]

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Let me get this straight: the forks go on the left and the knives and spoons go on the right, right?

The printing of the photographs is finally complete. I can now look at these and see if there is any sense to be made of them. Or should I just go ahead and get a job in a shoe store? (citizenbrand.typepad.com) Editing a photography book is like playing with LEGOS (TM – don’t want to […]

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Done and done-r.

After careful and meticulous (I hope) examination, I’ve selected some 200 photographs to print from the several thousand taken in Newfoundland. Having so many to choose from is like deciding which of your children will live and the others, well, you get the picture. In this case, several thousand negatives (most of them!) will never […]

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Originally posted on Arn? Narn.:
Several weeks ago, I had set a goal of reaching a certain number of followers/subscribers to this blog in order to help promote my new photography book. When that goal was reached, I would award a free, signed copy of my book “Arn? Narn.” after its publication to one lucky…

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And now a word from our sponsor….

This entry is a bit of a departure from all my previous posts. Rather than writing about my experiences in Newfoundland producing the upcoming photography book, “Arn? Narn.”, I have a wonderful update about it to share with all of you. As this is all electronic, there is no postage necessary. But for an illustration, […]

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“If the devil will take her…”

Living Planet, St. Johns, NFLDĀ  It’s all about the music – the only “weapons” in this picture are musical instruments. Imagine driving around for several thousand miles in silence. You could sing to yourself – that’s an option but one that runs out of novelty real fast. You could also play license plates by yourself […]

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Man Cave by the sea.

New Year’s Eve in a shanty sounds a lot worse than it really is. Shanty doesn’t have the same connotation in rural Newfoundland as it does in the States. A shanty is the small building/house/cabin on the coast used by fishermen as a residence when going to and coming from the sea. It is for […]

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Lobsters and a screw cap.

On the western coast of Newfoundland, I drive through such towns as Cow Head, Sally’s Cove, Three Mile Rock, (not to be confused with the atomic town in Pennsylvania), and Spudgels Cove. (Who was Spudgels that he was important enough to have a cove named after him?) Each one of these has it’s own personality […]

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Kevin Spacey slept here.

Scene from “The Shipping News” There are those who believe that close proximity to fame will allow that very same fame to rub off on them. About all that accrues from these multiple degrees of separation is that one could say so-and-so slept here and well, so did they. What else could explain the countless […]

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Free Newfoundland!

from Living Planet, St. John’s, Nfld. “Free Newfoundland” is not a coupon or a buy one, get one free deal. It was a light-hearted marketing piece that touched a few nerves. The “Free Newfoundland” (my quotation marks) movement isn’t a movement per se like the the very real separatist group in Quebec. Rather it is […]

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Ghosts of the Battery.

During my research, I learned about Cape Spear being the eastern-most part of the North American continent. It’s actually closer to Ireland than to other parts of Canada. I think there is a certain Newfoundland pride in that fact. This is where the sun shines first, (remember 2.5 hours ahead of Central Time), on the […]

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