Granny’s Well Turnings.

Granny’s well turnings. The sign said “Granny’s Well Turnings and Handcrafted Gifts.” So that was two more things I thought I needed to do: find out what a well turning was and meet Granny. Neither was what I thought and neither disappointed. It was good to get out of the car and stretch my legs. […]

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Sinking in the fog.

What is it about fog that lends itself to: romance; fear; danger; mystery; sadness; and a whole host of other emotions? Personally, I like fog. I like how it quietly transforms whatever it envelops into something new and somewhat other-worldly. It lends itself to the imagination. Sounds change. Landscapes can disappear, reappear, and disappear once […]

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Scrunchions and my new BFF.

Pretty much every culture has a way of maximizing their foods and recycling heretofore inedible scraps of food detritus. And if it’s a fancy restaurant, they’ll give it a posh name and charge dearly for it. How else could one explain veal cheeks? Please do not confuse this with cod cheeks; the concept is the […]

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You want chips with that?

Newfoundland is not like anywhere else. That’s a good thing. As I mentioned in an earlier post, it’s big – 41,000 square miles of cod-loving goodness. And traveling around the province in the small outports, one can get a real flavor for the island. But try and get something to eat and you’ll find the […]

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Henrietta’s Hospitality Home, Betty’s Patch, and not a Motel 6 to be found and that’s not a bad thing.

There is absolutely no shortage of places to stay (in addition to the side of the road as mentioned in the previous entry) while in Newfoundland. The names of these places oftentimes reflect the Newfoundland culture and history. Try these on: the Exploits Motel (fill in your own blanks here); House on the Tickle; At […]

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