I suck at math.

Frustrations taken out on an innocent calculator. Do not try this at home! Math was never a strong suit of mine. Hell, why should it be? I’m right-brained and proud of it! Let someone else with a pocket protector do that work – Hey, I’m busy creating here! And truthfully and thankfully, there are people […]

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Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Happy, happy, joy, joy! It’s just a little bit of silliness from the old “Ren and Stimpy” cartoon show. You can learn a lot about a person based on what movies and TV they watch. An astute reader of this blog will no doubt know which music turns me on; which movies I like to […]

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Revisiting Granny.

I find myself thinking of a now-friend, but initially just an Newfoundland craftsman I met on my first trip up there. He is older now, 91, and isn’t turning bowls and such any longer. In an e-mail I’ve received from him recently, he states that his “Dr. advised (him) to leave off or I may […]

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Originally posted on Arn? Narn.:
Several weeks ago, I had set a goal of reaching a certain number of followers/subscribers to this blog in order to help promote my new photography book. When that goal was reached, I would award a free, signed copy of my book “Arn? Narn.” after its publication to one lucky…

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